High-risk pregnancy prayer

Found this prayer on ToBendLight.com, copyright Alden Solovy.

Source of Life,
With joy and celebration,
With hope and gratitude,
With care and caution,
Knowing the risks and challenges ahead,
I/We pause to give thanks
For this pregnancy,
This potential for new life.

Grant my doctors wisdom
And my body strength
So that I may know the holiness and wonder,
The radiance and light,
Of carrying life and giving birth,
And the joy of motherhood.

God of love,
Grant me/us [this child/these children]
In the fullness of health,
In the fullness of joy,
The gift of generations,
A gift of glory beyond measure.

Praying for a safe, happy, and successful pregnancy and birth, and for the health of my wife and both our girls. I would be incredibly grateful if you joined me in that prayer.