Ultrasound update

So, we got some not great news at the ultrasound appointment referenced in the last post. Christine’s cervical shortening continued and she was given a prescription and placed on bed rest. This was a bit demoralizing – one more thing to worry about on top of everything else that is worrisome about monoamniotic twins.

Bed rest is also not as much fun as it might seem. A few hours of vegging out on the couch is nice every now and then, but when it’s all day for the foreseeable future, its side-effects include irritability, cabin fever, and addiction to River Monsters on Netflix. For me, Christine’s bed rest has meant taking care of all household chores and doing all the dog-walking on top of work. The toughest of these is walking the dog. I leave for work before 9 and don’t get home until after 6, so that’s a long time for poor Rae to be inside. Luckily, my commute is only 14 minutes (come on, you know the exact number of minutes your commute takes too, don’t you?), so I’ve been able to come home during my lunch break to give the dog a quick walk, check in on Christine, and get back to work. But some days are very tiring. I suppose this is good practice.

So that was what happened last week. It was hard for Christine to be on bed rest, tiring for me to take on all the chores, and nerve-wracking for both of us to wait 7 days to find out if the treatment would improve the cervical shortening. If the shortening continued, we could have a real problem on our hands.

However, we had another ultrasound on Tuesday and got good news. Christine’s cervix hasn’t gotten worse since last week and has even gotten a bit longer. It looks like her cervix may be dynamic – that is, it changes length. She’s still on bed rest and will be until after the twins arrive, but it’s a big relief.

Not only that, we’re past (as of 20 weeks) the most dangerous part of the pregnancy in terms of cord entanglement and the twins’ cords are looking great! No issues at all! And they’re both about 1 pound now, which is pretty good for twins, so good news all around!