I have a lot to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has the family-togetherness and culinary emphasis of Christmas without the materialism (this post is not about Black Friday). I also like that it’s a fairly universal American holiday; 96% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

This year, Christine and I spent Thanksgiving – our first as a married couple – in the hospital. We missed our families and our traditions, but getting to spend over 30 hours with just Christine was wonderful.

We had 4 meals together (two of which were Thanksgiving-y and all of which were healthy and tasty). We watched the Macy’s Day parade and worked on our list of baby supplies (but didn’t buy anything becau – okay, this post is still not about Black Friday). And we listened to the babies’ heartbeats.

I think I loved Thanksgiving this year even more than I usually do.

Everything is awesome

Everything has been going really well since Christine got into the hospital, health-wise.

I think the most dangerous thing with the pregnancy right now is driving to visit Christine in the hospital, but I’m doing my best to be careful. I might write more about that later, but it really feels extra important to drive safely now.

It’s like college

On Monday, Christine went into the hospital. We had gone back and forth between going in at 26 weeks and going in at 28, and after our ultrasound on Monday (just shy of the 26-week mark), we decided to go in. The ultrasound showed that the girls were doing well, but that the cervical shortening had continued. So we went in. The first two days were hard. We were having good tests, but it’s scary to be in the hospital and it’s hard to be apart. And it has been difficult for me to juggle housework, a full-time job, taking care of our dog (Rae the Magnificent), and visits to the hospital.

We decided that Rae should go stay with my parents for a little bit. Mom and Dad live in a rural area, so Rae will get to smell interesting things, bark at cows, chase squirrels, and (because my parents heat by wood), zonk out in front of a wood stove. These are all top-notch things for dogs. Honestly, they sound pretty great to me too.

Christine is at a great hospital, in a special maternal care unit, and is being well cared for. Her room is about the size of my first apartment. She went in on Monday and I visited her on Wednesday and Thursday and we video chatted on the other days. Visiting her in the hospital reminds me of visiting her in her college dorm. There’s even a cafeteria. And everyone I see when I visit is female, just like in her college dorm (she went to a women’s college).

Tonight, my parents are coming to take Rae, and then I’ll spend the night at the hospital with Christine, for the first time. Her room has a couch that turns into a bed. Okay, I guess it’s a futon. It’s a nice futon though.


Yesterday, Christine moved into the hospital. Going into the hospital this early is the best practice for monoamniotic twins and we think it’s the right thing to do, but it’s pretty scary. It means that the girls could be delivered at any time (via c-section). Birth at 26 weeks isn’t as rough as it once was, but it’s still not ideal. We’re taking things a day at a time, but have our sights set on December – 28 weeks. Birth at 28 weeks is much better than 26.

Things are going pretty well right now and we’re hoping that will continue.

It had been wonderful to hear from friends and family near and far. Thanks for all the love and support!

PS – Yesterday was 26 weeks. Apparently, we had the dates wrong.

26 weeks!

Yesterday, we reached 26 weeks, a big milestone! Christine will be going into the hospital in two weeks and staying until the babies are delivered, hopefully about a month later.

These next two weeks are a bit scary. They’re the last two weeks of limited observation – limited observation means more opportunities for things to go wrong and go unseen. They’re also the last two weeks before successful delivery of two healthy babies becomes quite likely.

Our minister has been really wonderful. We’re going to be missing services for the next few weeks at least and he’s coming over to give us a private service. He’s also going to supply us with Advent readings for when we’re in the hospital. And we’ve been added to the prayer list. We’re really grateful for and comforted by this.

Thanks to everyone else keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.