I have a lot to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has the family-togetherness and culinary emphasis of Christmas without the materialism (this post is not about Black Friday). I also like that it’s a fairly universal American holiday; 96% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

This year, Christine and I spent Thanksgiving – our first as a married couple – in the hospital. We missed our families and our traditions, but getting to spend over 30 hours with just Christine was wonderful.

We had 4 meals together (two of which were Thanksgiving-y and all of which were healthy and tasty). We watched the Macy’s Day parade and worked on our list of baby supplies (but didn’t buy anything becau – okay, this post is still not about Black Friday). And we listened to the babies’ heartbeats.

I think I loved Thanksgiving this year even more than I usually do.