After months of worry, the girls are now over two days old and doing very well. For the past few months, my default state has been one of anxiety, and now it is one of joy and gratitude. What a way to start 2015!

We announced our daughters’ arrival via Facebook a little after midnight on New Year’s Eve. Not a lot of people knew and it has been lovely to let go of the “secret” and to receive so many happy messages.

I used Facebook in college to communicate with friends and classmates. It’s so much more satisfying to use it to stay connected with family and friends all over the world. I’m so grateful that I can easily share our joyful news with our friends.

Being a librarian – or maybe it’s because I’m a new parent and thus a little protective – I’m trying to limit the images and information we put out to the world. I’m sure we’ll post more photos in the not too distant future, but they’ll be limited and tasteful.

This hesitancy to post information and photos feels important to me – my girls will lead lives online probably to a greater extent than I have/will. I want to give them as much control over and guidance about what information they put out there as possible.

This hesitancy also feels a bit naive to me. Information has a way of getting out there.

And I don’t know what my girls’ digital lives will be like. I’m writing this post on my first ever smart phone. I wonder what gadgets my daughters will have when they’re overjoyed at the births of their own children, should they choose to have any.

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  1. I will co-opt these wise words of yours from a previous post: “One of my hopes for 2015 is for the luxury of being able to be in the moment instead of straining for the next goal.” But I have one small edit: “the mindful choice” rather than “the luxury.”

    So glad you are a dad squared. And a librarian to boot!

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