Snow Day

I haven’t updated in a while, but it’s all good news. The babies are still in the Special Care Nursery, but are in normal cribs now – no more “incubators”. They still have their feeding tubes in, but are now getting bottles and are learning to breast-feed as well.

Rae is home now. I’m sure she misses Grammy and Grampy and the dog paradise that is my childhood home, but I think she’s happy to be back.

Oh… and Christine is home now too. I don’t think I explicitly mentioned that before. She came home 4 days after the C-Section. But actually, Christine is spending today and the next few days in the hospital, taking care of the twins. We’re getting a major snow storm here and, when faced with the choice of staying home and not seeing the girls for potentially three days or spending three days in the hospital, Christine chose the hospital, like the Super Mom she is.

So Rae and I are home alone for the next few days, hunkering down through #snowmageddon2015, or “Snow Paw-Calypse” as Rae likes to think of it.  I’m happy to stay home and take care of Rae and the house (and to go to work…), but I miss Christine and the twins. Today is the first day since the girls were born that I won’t see them.

But Rae and I are having fun:

2015-01-26 18.36.13

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  1. I’m so glad everything is going so well!! I volunteer at my local NICU and every time I go in I think of you four! Love and thoughts and stay warm!

  2. The girls have been growing well during this first month and their progress is wonderful! You and Christine have also learned a great deal and are super-parents! So proud of you four!

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