Book review: From Dude to Dad

Title: From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy
Authors: Chris Pegula and Frank Meyer
My favorite line: “You need to start tending to her, bro” (p43).
Rating: 2/5

pregnancy books
Seriously, there are a lot of pregnancy books.

There are a lot of pregnancy books out there, but most of them are for women. Men need information about pregnancy and birth too, but how do you make a book about pregnancy appealing to men? I know! Throw the word ‘dude’ around! What a unique and clever idea.

Here are three other books that have the same goal and pretty much the same title as From Dude to Dad, by Chris Pegula and Frank Meyer.

This book isn’t unique, but it has a worthy goal, and makes some good points. Pegula and Meyer’s best points are that (1) it’s okay to be scared, (2) everything is (probably) going to be okay, and, (3) although it’s not about you anymore, (4) it’s okay to maintain your personality and sense of self. If only that was all they wrote.

These a bros. Image source:
These are bros. Image source:

Reading this book is like talking to a ‘bro’.  It’s obnoxious. Pegula and Meyer use the word “dude” 62 times (or  once every 4 pages). They refer to the reader as ‘my friend’, ‘my man’, ‘buddy’, ‘brother’, and ‘bro’. They suggest you don’t mention your wife’s “rad new set of jugs” (p62) and, on the topic of having sex during the pregnancy, tell you not to worry about hurting your baby as “your wang ain’t gonna get near the kid” (p38).

I think Pegula and Meyer set out to do what they meant to do – write a book about pregnancy for bros. I’m just not a bro.