Some hospital thoughts

  • I like when Christine is on the monitor because when I make her laugh, her tummy moves and the monitor makes a noise. It’s like it’s saying, ‘yeah, that’s pretty funny.’
  • Christine has diapered her teddy bear, dressed him in baby clothes, and is now carrying him around in a ring sling. If she weren’t pregnant, this would be super creepy.
  • So I know that I’m just cranky because I have low blood sugar, but it still irritates me that all of the salads and pre-made sandwiches at the hospital cafe have meat in then.  Meat salad? Really?
  • Some nurses knock and wait for a response before entering Christine’s room, some nurses knock and enter without waiting for a response, and some nurses do not knock at all. Does this bother me? Um. No?
  • Walking between the maternity area and the cafeteria, I pass the birthing unit, the recovery area, classrooms, a NICU, and (although I believe it’s a little hidden), the OR. Whoever built the hospital worked very hard to ensure that the hallways and their taupe walls remain unaffected by the noise and frenzy surrounding them. It is odd walking in relative quiet, knowing (or at least assuming) that what’s happening around you is so different.
  • The food here is pretty good, but there are only like 10 meals. When you’re here for more than 10 days, the food starts getting old.
  • I’m pretty sure this hospital has stairs, but I’ve never used them.
  • I shouldn’t have married a Smith alumna if I wanted to win at Words with Friends.
  • Our options are limited. All we can do is eat, read, chat, watch tv, and play games. I’ve trained my whole life for this.
  • This shower is way too small for a normal-sized person.
  • They can call it a “husband couch” if they want. We all know it’s a futon.
  • I’m savoring these weeks before the delivery: I can hold my entire family when I hold Christine. I realize that is an agonizingly syrupy thing to say, but it’s also true and being able to hold your whole family in one go is lovely. So shut up.
  • Every day the girls are still in utero is, so they say, equal to three days in the NICU.
  • Eventually, I’m going to need to go through all my posts and standardize my categories. Luckily, I’m a librarian.

Everything is awesome

Everything has been going really well since Christine got into the hospital, health-wise.

I think the most dangerous thing with the pregnancy right now is driving to visit Christine in the hospital, but I’m doing my best to be careful. I might write more about that later, but it really feels extra important to drive safely now.